This week has been chilled out, and we have done alot of lake swimming which is fab. We have been in the dolomites, enjoying beautiful mountains and epic valleys, before dropping down to lake Garda and experiencing busy tourist hell.

We found more easy and lovely cycling paths along rivers, and skirted Bolzano to find a fab green Lago Di Caldaro, a very warm lake which was great for swimming. Then we headed into the hills, climbing up to calvalese, before dropping back to Trento.

This week has been boiling, so we have been quite happy when the 3pm thunderstorm brings the temperature down slightly. And we have been spinning along a few roads when suddenly a ‘no cycling’ sign has appeared, meaning we have had to detour.

We finally arrived at lake Garda, and cycled clockwise around the lake, not enjoying the narrow, very busy roads, or the pedestrian packed cycle paths, or the busy city’s. We like the quiet, non-touristy areas! But it is beautiful and we have enjoyed evening and morning swims in the lake.

Our time in Italy is nearly finished, and we will be sad to leave it behind.


Jim’s words: Pool, Swimming, Rabbit, Slide, Sweaty, Garda, and Horrible.