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April 2019

Viszlat Hungary, Ahoj Slovakia.

Flat. That is how we will remember Hungary. Lots of very flat days, all blurring into one. Apart from one that followed the shore of Lake Balaton. The weather was good although we met the start of our headwind stint…. Continue Reading →

Cao Montenegro, Zdravo Bosnia

Montenegro is the place we discovered that motorbikers “dangerous roads” are a cyclists greatest roads. After researching where to go and what roads to take, we found the website dangerousroads.org. A website written for motorbikers on European tours. It mainly… Continue Reading →

Brilliant Bosnian bakeries.

On our first morning in Bosnia we scoffed the most amazing chocolate croissants, sitting in the sunshine, before filling our panniers with more croissants, donuts and bread from a very lovely and very cheap bakery. This set the tone for… Continue Reading →

Cao Bosnia, Zdravo Croatia

Continuing down the gorge from Montenegro, we found ourselves in similar towns and villages to when we crossed the north of Croatia all those months ago. Lots of abandoned houses, pockmarked with bullet holes, and red signs warning of the… Continue Reading →

Cold and Wet

Albania had some incredible mountain roads, but unfortunately we had such terrible, cold and wet weather that we couldn’t enjoy the climbs or descents. I resorted to wearing my waterproof trousers and still got soaked, while James ‘I wear shorts… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Albania, hello Montenegro.

Albania will probably go down as one of our least favourite countries. The roads were bad, the weather was bad, the people weren’t as friendly as their Balkan neighbours, and the kids all wanted money (not an isolated issue, but… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Macedonia, hello Albania.

Macedonia marks the start of our forray into the Balkans, and also the return of countries lasting less than a week. After seeing quite a bit of “Macedonia=Greek” graffiti, as well as the recent name change from F.Y.R.O.M to North… Continue Reading →

Mountains in Macedonia

It’s very weird being back in Europe and speeding through countries quickly, instead of having a month or longer in each country. Last week we were in Macedonia, enjoying the mountains and hills but not enjoying the colder and wetter… Continue Reading →

Antio sas Greece, Zdrado North Macedonia.

We weren’t really sure what to expect from Greece as a country to tour through. But I’m pretty certain it wasn’t what we got. Except for the dogs. We had the exact experience we expected out of the dogs. It… Continue Reading →

The monasteries of Meteora

It now feels properly like spring, it’s getting close to 0°C at night, although it is still in the high twenties in the afternoon, and we have had some spring showers. We have been persevering with camping, and managed to… Continue Reading →

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