Jade grew up in Cambridge, hating cycling but being forced into it by her parents to get around, and on yearly holidays to Holland. That hatred turned to love when she got a Kona paddy wagon for her birthday and started riding fixed gear.  She moved to Leeds in 2011 and soon cycled up her first hill, fell in with a bunch of bike-obsessed beer-drinking reprobates, and started buying more and more bikes.

A true Yorkshireman born and bred, Jim grew up mad on bikes, riding and competing in pretty much every cycle-related discipline there is, though mountain biking is where his heart truly lies (despite the track bike he keeps in our bedroom).


Having met through Leeds Fixed Gear, we started dating in 2013. Cycling is a big part of our relationship, although other activities we love include napping and watching T.V. We’ve enjoyed cycling holidays in Holland, Mallorca, Spain and Tenerife together, so thought the obvious next step would be to cycle to China.