France will be fondly remembered. Not least because the weather (with a couple of exceptions) has been great!

It will also be remembered for the beautiful, ever changing scenery. One minute rolling farmland, the next, steep sided gorges and snowy peaks in the distance. Following aquamarine rivers from high above on the cliff edge. Or whizzing past vineyards with fresh green shoots just starting to show.

It was lovely spending time with family, relaxing and recooperating. It really gave us a boost in moral and the following few days flew by. That and the flat roads and decent tailwind.

Honourable mentions for France also go to the Cols, both little and large, as well as all the baguettes we have scoffed. Now looking forward to all the pizza in Italy.

France stats:

Total miles: 728 miles

Longest day: 71 miles

Shortest day: 17 miles

Highest point: Ventoux 1909m

Best climb: Sault – Ventoux

Distance canoed: 3 miles