We spent two days/one night passing through Andorra, and it was a weird but wonderful place. We stayed with our first warm showers host, the lovely John, who made us feel very welcome in his beautiful house in La Massana and gave us tons of advice as well as telling us about his tours. It was nice to have someone else to talk to than each other.

Andorra was like a massive load of shopping centers and towns all along one main road, but surrounded by mountains. The scenery was stunning, but seemed weird next to the built up areas. And there were so many duty frees! But it was ace to go though, and we are glad we took the chance to see it and do our biggest climb so far, to Port d’Envalira (2408 m).

Andorra stats:

50 miles over two days

Best climb – CG2 to Port d’Envalira

Worst bit of road – Fighting through the city centre in Andorra La Vella

Highest col – 2408 m

Biggest snow drift – Over 2m

Not many stats but we weren’t there long. Now we are in France, home of the boulangerie breakfast and it finally feels like spring!