At the start of this week, we left the Rhine and joined the Mosel, for more easy riverside bike trail. Unfortunately the heavy rain made it quite hard going, but we were very happy to leave the river and cycle up into the hills to Panzweiler, where we stayed with Gereon and his family (WS). The detour was well worth not having to camp in the rain, and we had a long descent first thing the next day.

The weather improved as we followed the Mosel towards Luxembourg, and we enjoyed some afternoon naps in the sun. Once we hit Luxembourg we swapped the Mosel for the Sure, and the trail got a lot hiller as we headed north to Diekirch.

We enjoyed a day off in Diekirch, staying with my Uncle Jonny, and mostly lazed around his flat. It was hot and sunny, and Diekirch is quite a pretty town for a wander round.

Then it was up into the hills and over to Belgium. We accidentally joined a sportif, and were overtaken by hundreds of lycra clad cyclists on very expensive bikes as we climbed some great hills. I think they were impressed we were even managing to get up them with so much weight. The Ardennes hills are really beautiful, and it was lovely to leave the flat behind.

We cycled through Bastonge and followed some of the Liege-Bastonge-Liege route heading north. Lots more hills, but we were enjoying them in the sun, and we got stopped by a police roadblock for another cycle race to speed by. There are loads of Ravels – old railway bike paths, in Belgium, and they have been really nice to cycle on.

We found a lovely campsite in Coos, and luckily the owner let us pay in the morning after Jim had nipped over to the next town to get some cash out! We seem to be getting less organised as we get nearer home.

Then we had a very short day cycling over to Ovifat, pretty much completely on Ravels. We cycled through Malmedy, where I visited every supermarket in town, and we stocked up with food and beer. In Ovifat we met my dad, who’s going to cycle with us for the next week.




Jim’s words – Rainy, Vineyard, Luxembourg, Rest, Belgium, Race and Gite.