After a great breakfast and waiting for a bike shop to open (it didn’t), we left Edrine behind us and headed south. We had a day of fairly flat farm roads through the countryside, a fantastic donnar kebab at lunch, and found a great campsite in a park by a dam. We spent the evening enjoying the view over the reservoir and making friends with a whole family of big dogs who lived in the park.

The next day was our year anniversary of being on tour, and we spent alot of the day talking about all the things we have done this year, and lamenting how quickly its gone! We managed to get in 2 cay stops before crossing the border into Greece. I was quite sad to leave Turkey, with it’s great hospitality and super cheap prices behind, but as we sped towards the coast the sun was shining, and we had a tailwind. We also had our first gyros for lunch, which was top notch.

From the coast (where I only managed a quick dunk of a swim) we headed into the hills. The views of the mountains which make the border to Macedonia were stunning, and it’s been easy to find places to wild camp. The small towns and villages here have been picturesque, full of cafes, friendly Greeks, and packs of dogs ready for a chase. So far we have been waved down to be given both bananas and orange juice, which is lovely!

It’s been colder at night, and it’s getting very hard to get up in the morning. The mountains we have cycled past have been snow-topped, and one morning Jim found frozen droplets on the tent fly. Although in the afternoon it gets really hot, so we can’t complain.

We have wound along northern Greece, and cycled past Lake Kerkini and Lake Dojran, seeing loads of pelicans and herons, and we have been also doing alot of stork and stork-nest spotting again. Dropping back down to the coast took us to Thessaloniki in time for the independence holiday, and we stayed with Su, a lovely W.S host. Lots of interesting churches and ruins in town, and incredible €1 pizza!



Jim’s words – Peaceful, Greece, Dogs, Bustle, Tired, Pelicans and Churches.