Georgia was pretty crazy. It definitely feels like we are in very foreign lands now. It was also full of ups and downs. Literally as well as metaphorically. We went over our highest point since Andorra, the Goderzi Pass at 2025m. And then immediately followed it up with 2 days of illness. We have eventually put it down to dodgy mountain spring water.

Everyone is very friendly here. All the children and many of the old men on their benches offering a wave and a cheery “hello”. Over half of all passing cars (both directions) have given us a quick beep of the horn. This seems to mean either “well done, keep going”, “keep in, I’m behind you”, or “watch out, I’m going to overtake and turn right infront of you”. The dogs are also friendlier, just like their Portuguese brothers. They are normally deterred by a sharp shout from Jade though.

The roads have been a pretty mixed bag. Some have been nice and smooth, other a bit patchy, much like Britain. And then some just run out. We bumped into an Iranian cycle tourist that let us know we had a big long stretch of unpaved Road coming up. He was not wrong. In England it would be left to the 4×4 enthusiasts, but here it was tackled by everything from battered old Ladas, to minibuses, to semi trucks.
Overall, despite the illness, we have both agreed Georgia has been good, and is another place we will probably put on our ‘to visit again’ list.

Georgia in numbers,

Total distance – 345miles

Longest day – 52 miles

Shortest day – 12 miles

Highest point – Goderzi pass 2025m

Highest temperature – 40C

Distance ‘off road’ – 30 miles