We would love to host you all for both Friday and Saturday night. There are a limited number of beds available at Lineham Farm (£20 pp for both nights), and unlimited camping space (free). The beds are dorm style in rooms of 2, 4 and 6. Anyone staying at Lineham Farm is welcome from 6pm Friday. We will be hosting a rehearsal pizza party on the Friday evening and a goodbye breakfast on Sunday for all those who stay. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday will not be provided, but full kitchen access is available on Saturday morning before twelve.

The venue is a working farm, with over one hundred acres of forest to explore, so please dress appropriately, and bring comfortable walking shoes if you’d like to explore the grounds. There is plenty of car and bicycle parking available onsite.

We invite you all to bring any alcoholic drinks you want to enjoy during the reception. There will be drinks provided for toasts, Jim’s choice of beer, and plenty of soft drinks, tea and coffee available to all.

We are going to have a dessert table, please let us know if you feel generous enough to bring a pudding or baked goods.

Having lived together for some time, and now knowing everything we need fits into 8 panniers, we are not registering for gifts. However donations towards activities on our honeymoon would be warmly received.

Thank you for indulging us in trying to be paper free.