Turkey was short but sweet. Just 4 and a half days riding. But we felt so welcomed by everyone. Even before we swung a leg over the bikes, someone had come to invite us to eat at the friends restaurant. A lot more people can speak a good level of English, more than any country for a long time (except NZ obviously). That makes a huge difference to the apparent friendliness of people coming to chat with you and offer you vast amounts of cay.

The camping situation is pretty ideal too. Wild camping is legal, and super easy to find some where to camp. That’s if it is too far between the many, many Warmshowers hosts that in the country.
The food was also amazing, and very cheap. We didn’t feel at all like we splashing out buying a Gyro for lunch each day.
We will definitely be doing a much longer tour at some point in the future!

Turkey in numbers;

Total distance – 234 miles

Longest day – 57 miles

Shortest day – 24 miles (to the border)

Gyros eaten – 4 (each)

Largest dog pack befriended – 5