This week started with a few more boring days in Almaty. It was nice but we really didn’t do much other than eat and watch Netflix!

But finally it was time to fly. And we got to the airport super early, to find there really wasn’t anything to do there except wait for our flight! Luckily our first flight with Air Astana was lovely. We got loads of free flight stuff, drinks and a good meal, and had tvs to watch. So we didn’t get as much sleep as we should have!

Arriving in Bangkok, we had a 5 hour layover. So after a power nap on a bench each we went to go check in for our next flight. Only to be charged excess luggage fees for bikes. $200 down and vowing never to fly with Vietnam Air again, we had a fairly boozy pub lunch (rubbish British tourists!) before getting our terrible budget flight.

We landed in Ho Chi Minh in torrential rain, but soon got to the hostel and had some amazing Vietnamese food.

We had a lazy day exploring Ho Chi Minh, visiting all the breweries and wandering around to see the French architecture, pagodas and markets.

Then finally, we were back on the road. Ho Chi Minh is a super busy, huge city and since 80% of Vietnamese people have scooters, and they were all driving them around Ho Chi Minh the morning we set off, it was quite daunting at first. But soon we got the hang of it, and realised that although it looks really chaotic, everyone is a considerate driver and don’t mind cyclists accidentally being in their way at all!

We took the Cat Li ferry out of the city, and were soon rolling through green countryside, accompanied by a lot less traffic. We had our first Bahn Mi for breakfast, and got very red, sweaty and a little burnt cycling whilst it was so hot and humid.

We stayed at a home stay were we slept in a wooden hut, which luckily still had air con and mosquito nets.

So far we are liking Vietnam.


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