Bulgaria was bit of a middling country I think. Ok food, ok weather, ok roads. The scenery was nice at times but some of the roads we were on were pretty big and busy. It felt like it had the biggest difference in classes that we have witnessed. Sofia and Burgas been lovely clean modern cities. Even the larger towns felt very modern and westernised. But the countryside had pockets of quite astonishing poverty. Whole villages looking like shanty towns, houses made entirely of decaying traditional mud bricks. Lots of horse and carts ferrying what looked to be multiple families worth of children around. And the largest population of stray cats and dogs we have so far witnessed.

We enjoyed some nice wild camping spots after been reassured by our warm showers host that no one really cares. One in a clearing on a footpath just metres from the main road. One on top of a hill surrounded by prickly bushes, and one in an old orchard, boxed in by working fields and a major road.

It’s been nice to have some days off waiting for the ferry, and now 3 more whilst on it. We’ve both got that feeling we had when leaving Italy. The adventure starts now!

Bulgaria in numbers:

Total miles – 426

Longest day – 63

Shortest – 31

Highest point – 1100m

Wildcamping in a row – 3