This week we have really enjoyed cycling around lake Issyk-Kul and smashed out some big miles as we headed north back into Kazakhstan.

At the start of the week we spent an afternoon and morning hanging out at hostel nice and the fat cat cafe in Karakol, enjoying WiFi, pizza and cake. Which is becoming our go-to relax activity as soon as we get to civilization.

Then we sped round the north side of Issyk-Kul to Bishkek. More rolling farmland between the glistening blue lake and the towering snowy mountains, however a much better road surface, more villages and towns, and some intense beach resorts. There are alot of half-built, abandoned hotels and resorts which was weird.

We finally said goodbye to the lake and did a long day riding into Bishkek. Luckily it was a great road with alot of downhill through a gorge, and only a little headwind. We got to Bishkek in time for some craft beers at Brewster, some great burgers and a well earned day off. Which we mostly spent hanging out.

Lake Issyk-Kul was beautiful, and we really enjoyed our detour around the lake. It was a really good call (I’ve forgotten the gravel road already!) as it’s given us more time in lovely kyrgystan and means we will hopefully have better weather once we get to Vietnam.


Jim’s words – Kitten, Brunch, Resort, Tarmac, Tired, Rest.