Continuing down the gorge from Montenegro, we found ourselves in similar towns and villages to when we crossed the north of Croatia all those months ago. Lots of abandoned houses, pockmarked with bullet holes, and red signs warning of the 2 decade old mines that still remain in many areas of the country.

Back into the hills and back onto gravel, we were happy to also be back in the tent with some nicer weather shining down on us. A day off for coffees and Jade’s chance to use her sewing skills, then we were in another capital, Sarajevo. We only had one thing in mind to do in Sarajevo, the bobsleigh track. Built for the ’84 Winter Olympics, but left to ruin since the war, it is now one of the main tourist spots in Sarajevo. It made for some great fun whizzing down the concrete serpent. Covered now, not in ice, but graffiti.

Then we had 3 big days northwards into Croatia. Quite flat, but 2 nice camp spots and it was good to do get some bigger days in the saddle.

Bosnia in numbers;

Total distance – 279 miles

Longest day – 74 miles

Shortest day – 16 miles (coming from Montenegro)

Tents repaired – 1

Easter eggs eaten – 6

Litres of icecream – 3