We weren’t really sure what to expect from Greece as a country to tour through. But I’m pretty certain it wasn’t what we got. Except for the dogs. We had the exact experience we expected out of the dogs.

It all felt a bit ‘off season’. Even the parts that were up in the hills away from the coast felt sleepy and quiet, but in an abandoned sort of way. We managed to find some lovely wild camp spots, and some great Warmshowers hosts again. One was the Mayor of a little village that lets cyclists sleep in the old school!

The people were warm but perhaps not quite as forthcoming as the Turkish. The level of English speakers was definitely higher so we got a few more people asking where we are from and where we are going. It also reminded us a lot more of Europe and even of home at times, more so than any other place we have been.


Greece in numbers;

Total miles – 602

Longest day – 63 miles

Number of Gyros – 3 each