This week started with a lazy day off by Lago d’iseo, where we enjoyed alot of napping and netflix. This was so we could catch the Giro at Lodrino on Wednesday. We climbed backwards up the route, following the pink bunting, signs and painted bicycles, and found a great spot on some hairpins to wait and watch. It was absolutely boiling, so we put up the tent for some shade and cracked open some beers and a watermelon while we waited. It was actually quite exciting to see the caravan and then the riders wizz past, and there was a lovely sense of camaraderie with all the locals out, and tons of cyclists come to watch!

From there we have wound our way around Lago d’idro and up to the dolomites. We stayed at the lake and I swam but Jim wouldn’t as he said it was too cold! It’s really good to be back in the mountains, although we are doing quite short days at the moment.

We have stayed with some more warm showers hosts, and continue to be amazed and grateful for all the generosity we’ve received, and are loving the delicious meals we have been given!

We have found a ton more cycle paths too, mainly along rivers, which are much nicer to cycle on as they are in the shade and there’s no cars! I also made a life changing discovery that most supermarkets sell little tubs of gelato, so we have been having alot of that.. yes, it’s officially hot enough for Jade to eat ice-cream!

Being back in the mountains means more cols (huzzah!) We have climbed Passo Campo Carlo Magno (1682 m) and I am beginning to feel fitter and like I can climb for longer without having a heart attack which is ace. It feels very alpine, with little wooden chalets in meadows everywhere on the hills, and for some reason all the street signs are now in German?

It’s been very hot and sunny, with the usual 3pm thunderstorm. Next week, we meet up with Meg and Nath, we can’t wait to have someone to talk to other than each other!


Jim’s words: Lazy, Giro, Brescia, Paddle, Snoopy, Dolomites, Short.